Frequently Asked Questions​

If you can’t find the answer to your question here please call our reception team on 01525 720882.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It is often caused by the swelling of tissue, which creates pressure on the nerves and leads to discomfort. This is important to know as pain is a useful mechanism to alert you to a problem, and stops you from damaging your body further. It should always, therefore, be taken seriously. Pain can affect many areas of the body, and particularly the lower back, head, neck, joints and legs. It can result from injuries and arthritis, and can also manifest itself in the form of rheumatic and period pain.
Physiotherapists undertake many years of training and have a detailed understanding of how the body works. Chartered Physiotherapists study full-time for three of four years at University. During this time they will complete over 1000 hours of clinical practice in a number of different specialities. They promote good health by encouraging their patients to follow the advice they have given with reference to maintaining physical functions of the body. Physio First Physio First is the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice it is an occupational group of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and as such is formally recognised by the Council of Chartered Society as representing the interests of its self-employed members. The Health Professional Council (HPC) The Health Professional Council is the regulatory body for many health professions. Under current law only qualified people are registered with the Health Professional Council. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body of the UK’s 47,000 Chartered Physiotherapists and physiotherapy students and assistants. All Physiotherapists are members of the CSP and will have either MCSP (Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists) or FCSP (Fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to receive physiotherapy. If you would like to make a self paying appointment then please telephone the clinic. The clinic also deals with most Private Medical Insurance Companies.

On your first visit to the clinic the physiotherapist will assess the problem.  Your appointment will last 45 minutes or 30 minutes depending on referral and condition. Your follow up appointment will be 30 minutes.

After your first visit your physiotherapists should be able to tell you approximately how many sessions you will need. However, in some cases this may not be possible.

Usually after the physiotherapist has assessed the problem they will give you physiotherapy on the same day.

The physiotherapist will explain this to you after you have had your first appointment.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you are able to remove quickly should this be required.

If you are a private patient the cost is £49 for assessment and £45 for follow-up appointments. Alternatively, you may be having treatment paid for by an Insurance company.

If you self pay or use an insurance company, and you do not attend an appointment without letting us know then you may be charged the full cost depending on the circumstances. 

Yes, If you have had a recent fracture or dislocation we can help you alongside your NHS treatment.

We can supplement your NHS treatment with hands on physiotherapy and detailed advice about any injury. This can also help to speed up your recovery improving mobility and muscle strength. Its always better to get advice sooner rather than later.